How a Periodontist in Washington DC Can Treat Gum Disease

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Dental Implants Washington DC, the answer to missing teeth or damaged teeth. This prosthetic device fits directly over the tooth root and is designed to be durable and long lasting. Dental Implants are typically recommended for patients that are completely without a tooth or multiple missing teeth. Implants are also a preferred option to traditional dentures, as they feel more like real teeth and provide a more permanent solution. https://precision-periodontics–

Tooth implants can restore function and beauty to your smile, thus providing an improved quality of life. In Washington DC, there are many reputable specialists and dental clinics that can assist you in finding the right periodontist. Dental implants have become increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, ranging from the simple to the complex. There are a number of factors to consider when identifying the best provider to meet your needs, such as the periodontist’s reputation for his or her particular specialty. Precision Periodontics & Implant Dentistry

One factor to consider is the dentist’s education and training. A qualified periodontist should have a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from an accredited university or college. An advanced degree in periodontistry, preferably with an emphasis on public health, will help to ensure the dentist has advanced knowledge and skills pertaining to current trends in the dental field. For patients considering Washington DC, a highly respected periodontist can be found in the District of Columbia, thanks to the efforts of Dentectives, a dental clinic that serves residents of Washington DC. The Washington DC metro area is home to many residents, which helps to ensure residents will have access to a high-quality dentist.

Other factors to consider include patient care and the treatment protocol. Many periodontists provide a full range of care to their patients, ranging from basic cleaning and preventative procedures to advanced periodontal therapy and root planing. Root planing is a treatment option that has proven successful for many patients, although it can also be a painful procedure for some patients. Patients seeking a minimally invasive form of dentistry can find a number of specialists in Washington DC, including clinicians who perform both standard and pinhole surgical techniques.

The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry both promote overall dental health and safety for all patients. Your periodontist should be board certified in Washington DC, in order to ensure he or she has received the proper training and has experience in providing cosmetic dental services. Patients seeking a minimally invasive form of dentistry can find many specialists in Washington DC, including clinicians who perform both standard and pinhole surgical techniques. A quality dentist will be able to provide patients with comprehensive care, from checkups and routine cleaning to advanced periodontal therapy and root planning.

Patients who have suffered damage to their teeth or are in poor oral health may benefit from a variety of minimally invasive treatments. Pinhole surgical techniques are available for improving the appearance of gums that have been damaged by cavities or extensive periodontal disease. In Washington DC, periodontists can perform invasive dentistry, in the form of root planing. This procedure involves the use of implant supported dentures that look and feel like real teeth. Patients who require this type of minimally invasive procedure should consult a professional who is board certified in Washington DC.

Root planing allows dentists to remove pockets of damaged tissue without the use of any anesthesia. This minimally invasive procedure is ideal for patients with damaged teeth or gum tissues that do not respond to standard fillings or crowns. implant supported dentures provide the same look and comfort as natural-appearing teeth. Patients in Washington DC who need this type of cosmetic dentistry treatment can consult a periodontist specializing in osseous surgery.

The field of periodontology is a difficult one. Patients should be sure that they are dealing with a competent, compassionate practitioner. A periodontist specializing in the field of periodontology can perform a number of cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of your smile. Patients should seek the advice of a professional before deciding which procedure is right for them. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are often covered by insurance, so it does not hurt to ask. Your periodontist will be able to discuss the procedure in more detail with you and answer any questions you might have.

How a Periodontist In Dallas Texas Can Provide Good Oral Care

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Are you thinking of getting a periodontist in Dallas Texas? As Texas is one of the top dental states, there are numerous dental clinics and offices that offer excellent oral care. A periodontist performs preventative services by enhancing the health of your gums and teeth. This ensures that you will have a smile that you can be proud of. A periodontist in Dallas TX can diagnose gum disease, periodontal pockets, and other dental conditions. They can treat gum disease and repair root canals and perform surgeries such as root canal therapy and dentures.  

ROOT™ Periodontics & Implant Centers

You can find a periodontist in Dallas TX almost anywhere. Most dental clinics have a periodontist on staff, so you do not have to travel far to find a qualified practitioner. If you live in the city, you can get a recommendation from your dentist or from your family doctor. If you are looking for a periodontist in Dallas, TX then the internet is your best bet. There are many reputable dentist offices offering dental services that are both affordable and high quality.

In Texas, there are many licensed dentists and dental surgeons who specialize in various forms of periodontal and oral care. This gives you more choices when it comes to choosing a periodontist in Dallas TX. Each dentist will have his/her own unique approach to treating conditions such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and periodontal pockets. You can choose a dentist based on the approach they follow for treating various types of conditions.

One of the most common conditions treated by periodontists in Dallas is gingivitis. Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease that is characterized by inflammation of the gingiva (the tissue that lines the mouth). The condition can progress to periodontitis, once the bacteria invade the periodontal pockets. Periodontitis is a very serious condition because it involves the destruction of the gums and the attachment of the roots of the teeth to the gingiva, as well as other organs and tissues. If not treated, the damage caused by periodontitis can progress to periodontitis. Treatment of the oral care requires a periodontist who is skilled in treating this type of severe gum disease.

Another common type of oral problem treated by a periodontist in Dallas is gingivectomy, also known as periodontal adenosis. In this procedure, the upper portion of the tooth is removed so that the area will be free from gum tissue. Gingivectomy requires the assistance of a periodontist who is skilled in performing surgeries and treatments. Treatment of this dental condition requires a periodontist who has performed many similar procedures in his or her career.

A periodontist is an oral health specialist who is specialized in treating conditions of the gums and periodontal pockets. In addition, the periodontist is trained to treat dental problems associated with root canal therapy, dental implants, periodontitis, as well as jaw disorders such as spaced teeth, missing teeth, and other disorders. In his or her career, the periodontist must be knowledgeable about various procedures and medicines used to fight oral problems.

To look for a good Dallas dentist, you can search for one using the American Association of Professional Dentists‘ website. This website provides a list of dentists who are members of the organization. After you find a dentist who meets your needs, you can schedule a consultation with him or her, and the two of you can discuss the details of the dental treatments that are available to you and your oral care needs.

You can ask questions about your oral care treatment. If you have any concerns regarding your oral care, it is important that you go to a dentist who is capable of addressing them. This will help ensure that you get the best treatment and the best outcome for your gum and gums. You should feel comfortable and confident about your oral health care provider. A caring and qualified periodontist in Dallas Texas can provide you with excellent care.

‚Bitcoin has never been hacked‘, community responds

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Hacker attack on US Treasury Department: ‚Bitcoin has never been hacked‘, community responds

Blockfolio on Twitter: ‚Bitcoin is about trusting a SHA-256 algorithm more than the US Treasury‘

Cryptocurrency supporters have responded quickly to the news that hackers have allegedly managed to breach the security of the US Treasury Department.

According to a Reuters report, a „sophisticated hacking group“ backed by a foreign government – apparently Russia, Ethereum Code according to people close to the investigation – was able to breach the security of the Treasury Department and the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).

The incident came less than a month after Donald Trump fired Chris Krebs, former Cybersecurity Chief of the Department of Homeland Security. Hackers apparently had been monitoring NTIA staff emails on Microsoft’s Office 365 „for months“. Other government agencies may also have been hacked, but sources did not provide further details on this.

In response to the news, cryptocurrency advocates have taken to highlighting the benefits of Bitcoin (BTC)

Dan Held, Head of Business at Kraken, commented on Twitter, „Bitcoin never gets hacked.“ Anthony Pompliano echoed Held’s message: ‚Bitcoin has never been hacked‘.

Blockfolio criticised the NTIA’s level of security, arguing that the agency probably uses outdated cryptographic algorithms:

„Bitcoin means trusting a SHA-256 algorithm more than the US Treasury.“

Bitcoin means trusting a SHA256 algorithm more than the U.S Treasury.
– Blockfolio (@blockfolio) December 13, 2020

It is unclear whether any funds were compromised as a result of the breach. At the time of publication, it appears that the attack was limited to stealing information related to government agency emails.

„Poor fools,“ commented Taylor Monahan, founder and CEO of MyCrypto. „Treasury had already been hacked by internal agents.“ This statement refers to the fact that, throughout the 2020s, the US government printed massive amounts of money to prevent the economy from collapsing during the lockdown.

Visa-udstedelseskort til USDC-betalinger på Ethereum

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Visa forbinder sit globale betalingsnetværk til Circles stablecoin, USDC. Flytningen vil muliggøre Visa-baserede kryptokurrencybetalinger til mere end 60 millioner købmænd.

Vigtigste takeaways

  • Visa samarbejder med Circle Internet Financial, holdet bag den populære ERC-20 stablecoin USDC.
  • Circle hjælper Visa-kreditkortudstedere med at integrere USDC-software for at muliggøre hurtige kryptokurrencybetalinger.
  • Visa planlægger også at udstede et kort til afsendelse og modtagelse af USDC-betalinger.

Visa fordobles på stablecoins.

Kreditkortgiganten har annonceret et samarbejde med Circle, holdet bag det Ethereum-baserede token USDC. Partnerskabet giver Visas netværk af 60 millioner købmænd adgang til den dollar-bundne digitale valuta.

Visa lancerer USDC-betalinger

Det rulles oprindeligt ud som en del af Visas Fintech Fast Track-program. Circle vil hjælpe Visa med at vælge kreditkortudstedere til at integrere USDC-betalingsløsninger.

Det giver handlende mulighed for at foretage internationale betalinger i USDC. Midler konverteres derefter automatisk til den nationale valuta, som modtageren kan bruge overalt, der accepterer Visa.

Senere frigiver Visa et kreditkort for virksomheder til at sende og modtage penge i USDC, hvilket muliggør hurtige overførsler af kryptokurrency understøttet af Ethereum blockchain. Visas kryptoleder, Cuy Sheffield, sagde i en erklæring til Forbes:

”Dette vil være det første virksomhedskort, der giver virksomheder mulighed for at bruge en saldo på USDC. Og så vi tror, at dette vil øge det anvendelighed, som USDC kan have for Circles forretningskunder, betydeligt. “

Det er kun det seneste inden for en række vigtige træk fra et af verdens største betalingsselskaber.

Tidligere på året sluttede Visa sig sammen med den førende kryptovalutaudveksling Coinbase for at køre sit Coinbase-kort. Det giver også Crypto.coms populære kort, som er tilgængeligt i flere lande rundt om i verden.

I 2019 foretog Visa en investering på 40 millioner dollars i Anchorage under kryptokurrencyforvaringstjenestens tidlige finansieringsrunder. Visas Fast Track-program indeholder også allerede flere cryptocurrency-tegnebøger. Disse tegnebøger har også adgang til USDC-integrationen.

2020 et skelsættende år for USDC

USDC har også taget store skridt hen imod en bredere adoption i de seneste uger. Sidste måned blev det meddelt, at stablecoin vil blive brugt til at bekæmpe hyperinflationskrisen i Venezuela. Fordi USDC ikke svinger som andre kryptovalutaer, kan det være en nyttig løsning for at fiat-valutaer hurtigt mister deres værdi.

USDC kører som et ERC-20-token på Ethereum, selvom andre kæder som Solana også understøtter det. Dens markedsværdi er $ 2,9 mia., Hvilket gør den til den 13. rangerede kryptovaluta.

Stablecoins som USDC er populære former for sikkerhed for DeFi-brugere på Ethereum, skønt deres potentielle nytte blandt et bredere publikum har været et centralt fokuspunkt for nylig. Med opbakning fra hold som Visa er det muligt, at verden snart kan bruge kryptokurver uden engang at indse det.

Blockchains som Ethereum har beføjelse til at lette hurtige transaktioner med ubetydelige gebyrer, hvilket kan være en spilskifter for mange Visa-handlende.

Ifølge Visa bruges der 120 billioner dollars på checks og bankoverførsler årligt.

Partnerskabets vigtigste talepunkt vil sandsynligvis være Visas løbende omfavnelse af kryptokurver og blockchain-teknologi.

Hvor de går videre er i øjeblikket uklart, selvom verdensledere står over for et løb om at udvikle digitale valutaer, er det sandsynligt, at Visa vil spille en hovedrolle i historien.

Los ingresos de la minería de Bitcoin alcanzan su máximo nivel en 2020, en medio de una corrida de toros

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El ecosistema minero de Bitcoin está entrando en acción mientras los operadores ven que los ingresos alcanzan nuevos máximos para el año.

A medida que el bombo se construye alrededor de los movimientos positivos del mercado de Bitcoin a niveles no vistos desde 2017, una serie de métricas clave están siendo golpeadas por la preeminente criptografía. La capitalización del mercado de Bitcoin ha alcanzado su máximo histórico, mientras que el precio de BTC ronda los 18.000 dólares.

Los expertos de la industria creen que esto es parte de la razón de la actual disminución de las dificultades de la minería

Esta impresionante carrera también ha beneficiado al ecosistema minero de Bitcoin, ya que los datos muestran que los ingresos de la minería han alcanzado sus máximos históricos para el año 2020 y han recuperado los niveles anteriores a la reducción a la mitad de la recompensa de la minería de Bitcoin en mayo de 2020.

Como muestra el gráfico de, los ingresos han aumentado desde principios de noviembre de 2020 hasta los mismos niveles anteriores a la reducción a la mitad.

Ingresos de alrededor de 21 millones de dólares al día

Dado el reciente aumento del valor de Bitcoin, los ingresos de la minería han aumentado a unos 21 millones de dólares por día. Esto ha compensado con creces la reducción a la mitad de la recompensa de Bitcoin por la extracción de un bloque, lo que ha llevado a una sacudida de los mineros menos eficientes.

El ecosistema minero de Bitcoin también experimentó su mayor caída porcentual difícil en más de 9 años a principios de noviembre, después de que los mineros de China trasladaran sus operaciones a la provincia de Sichuan en los meses de verano para aprovechar las tarifas eléctricas más baratas durante la temporada de lluvias.

Sin embargo, después de octubre los mineros se ven obligados a trasladarse a zonas como Xinjiang y Mongolia Interior a medida que las tarifas eléctricas vuelven a subir en Sichuan.

European Central Bank to decide on digital euro in early 2021

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Christine Lagarde wants to decide on the digital euro in January 2021.

Christine Lagarde, head of the European Central Bank (ECB), calls on the leading European financial institution to take a decision on the „digital euro“ by the beginning of next year.

In an online conference on monetary policy on 12 November, Lagarde said that the ECB had not yet entered the „race“ to issue its own central bank digital currency (CBDC). However, she also stated in this context that the study commissioned on the digital euro would be completed as early as January 2021.

„At that point, we will make a decision on whether we want the digital euro or not,“ Lagarde announced wholeheartedly. She added: „My feeling is that, apart from that, it is and will remain a Community decision, and that we will choose it“.

However, the ECB President sees some concerns that need to be addressed before the final decision can be taken. Above all, the European Central Bank’s Chief Executive sees money laundering, terrorist financing and data protection as important issues that must be reconciled with its own digital currency.

Lagarde refers to the planned Facebook crypto-currency Libra and the Chinese government’s digital yuan as examples of a rush to issue, which she herself would like to avoid. Accordingly, she tries to make a realistic estimate of the time frame:

„This is a project that will probably take us two, three or even four years.
The online conference was also attended by Jerome Powell and Andrew Bailey, the heads of the US and UK central banks. Powell reiterated his view that „it is important that we get it right, not that we are the first“. Bailey of the Bank of England again stressed that consumers have a right to find some „value“ in a currency.

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Bitcoin ha lampeggiato alcuni segni di forza oggi mentre i suoi acquirenti tentano di ribaltare 16.000 dollari in un livello di supporto
Anche se non ha ancora rifiutato a questo livello, non è stata in grado di assicurarsi un solido punto d’appoggio al di sopra di esso.
Un analista a catena sta ora notando che si aspetta che il rally in corso di Bitcoin si estenda in modo significativo prima che gli acquirenti incontrino una resistenza significativa.
Sta osservando specificamente per un passaggio a $24.000, notando che questo potrebbe essere dove i tori finalmente perdono il loro piede e BTC vede una netta traccia netta.
La Bitcoin è attualmente in procinto di superare il suo livello di resistenza di 16.000 dollari, il che si sta rivelando alquanto difficile dato che acquirenti e venditori continuano a lottare per il controllo di questo livello chiave.

Se superato, BTC potrebbe essere posizionata in modo da vedere ulteriori guadagni significativi nei giorni e nelle settimane a venire.

Ricariche e giri gratis disponibili ogni giorno, per ogni giocatore, in mBitcasino Crypto Autumn Bonanza! Gioca ora!
Un trader sta ora notando che molti Ethereum Code indicatori a catena stanno tutti suggerendo che Bitcoin è pronto per il rally nei giorni e nelle settimane a venire.

Tuttavia, egli ritiene che l’EMA a 350 giorni della Cryptocasino – che si aggira intorno ai 24.000 dollari – si rivelerà una seria resistenza e che potrebbe innescare un brusco selloff.


Al momento della scrittura, Bitcoin è in crescita di poco più dell’1% al suo attuale prezzo di 15.950 dollari. Per tutta la mattinata, i tori hanno cercato di superare i 16.000 dollari, ma la pressione di vendita si è rivelata piuttosto significativa.

Se respinta qui, BTC potrebbe affrontare una forte tendenza al ribasso che la porta a tagliare in profondità i suoi recenti guadagni.

Una rottura al di sopra di questo livello, tuttavia, sarebbe incredibilmente positiva e potenzialmente aiuterebbe a lanciarla verso nuovi massimi di tutti i tempi.

Un analista a catena ha spiegato in un recente tweet che sta prendendo di mira l’EMA a 350 giorni di Bitcoin come livello al quale BTC potrebbe toccare prima di scendere più in basso.

„Molti indicatori sono talmente rialzisti in questo momento per BTC che mi aspetto che il prezzo si riprenda nei prossimi giorni+settimane. Ma quando il prezzo raggiunge i 350dma x 2 I (linea rossa) si aspettano una correzione come abbiamo visto più volte nel 2016/17 usando questi livelli come forte resistenza“.

Ha inoltre aggiunto in un tweet successivo che questo livello si aggira intorno ai 22-24 mila dollari, facendo di questo il suo obiettivo a breve termine al rialzo.

„Data la traiettoria attuale, mi aspetto che il prezzo si avvicini ai 350dma x 2 intorno ai 22-24k$. Forse dobbiamo correggere per un po‘ di tempo a causa del fatto che FOMO si è fatto avanti per aver violato l’ATH“.

Bitcoin Miners made $353 million in October

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US$ 42.9 million of the Bitcoin miners profit came from the network taxes, around 12% of the total profit.

Bitcoin is certainly at a good time with its price going to new annual records and some of the most acts in its history. But far beyond the price action, there are different values that we need to analyze in the daily currency, the profit of the miners is also one of them and currently this data is growing.

Not long ago we had the Bitcoin halving, which cut in half the mining reward, this is considered a good development for the network, but it depends on the Bitcoin price to maintain the interest of the miners and the blockchain remain safe. Without profit, the machines are turned off and the mining power ends up falling. But the recent rise in Bitcoin Profit value has given the mining sector a boost.

Not everything is positive for the network, since a good part of the profit came not only from the increase in price, but also from transaction fees. While this may be a good sign, since more people are using the network, it’s also a concern, because very high rates may drive away investors users.

Bitcoin Miners made US$ 353 million in October

According to data from Coindesk Research, during the month of October there was a considerable increase in profit by the miners. The increase over October was 8%, reaching $ 353 million. The figure is still lower than in other periods, however, it was greatly influenced by the recent price increase, with the mining subsidy guaranteeing most of the profit.

Monthly profit of Bitcoin miners since 2016.

It is worth noting that $42.9 million of the profit of the Bitcoin miners came from the network rates, about 12% of total profit. This is the highest percentage since January 2018, when Bitcoin was still at its peak.

With the Bitcoin high came also an increase in the use of the network and transactions, which ended up causing a traffic jam, longer confirmation waiting times and rates reaching US$ 13.45 by the end of the week.

This is the worst Bitcoin congestion in about three years and the profit based on rates has been increasing since April, when halving came into effect. This, however, is not a sign that the network is having problems, but it certainly creates an inconvenience for those who want to use Bitcoin as a bargaining chip.

Opłaty za Bitcoin Skyrocket, niektóre transakcje trwają dni, ulga możliwa w przyszłym tygodniu

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Bitcoin (BTC) doświadczył wielu powiązanych ze sobą problemów, ponieważ spadł hashrate, opłaty w zatłoczonej sieci rosły, a użytkownicy twierdzą, że czekają dniami na potwierdzenie swoich transakcji – niektóre z nich mogą być upuszczony przez górników. Jednak w przyszłym tygodniu może nadejść pewna ulga.

Dzieje się tak w czasie, gdy BTC wzrosło o 27% w ciągu miesiąca, prawie osiągając 14 000 USD, po czym ponownie skorygowało spadek (13,530 USD o 16:17 UTC dzisiaj).

Tymczasem przy wyraźnie zatłoczonej sieci następuje skok opłaty transakcyjnej

Średnia opłata za transakcję Bitcoin w dniu 28 października wyniosła 11,67 USD za Szczególnie gwałtownie wzrosła od 19 października, osiągając od tego czasu aż 505,5%. Siedmiodniowa średnia ruchoma pokazuje skok o prawie 210% między tymi dwoma datami, do 6,75 USD.

Podobnie mediana opłaty transakcyjnej 28 października wyniosła 6,88 USD, co stanowi ogromny wzrost w porównaniu z spadkiem z 17 października, kiedy odnotowano prawie 0,6 USD. Siedmiodniowa prosta średnia krocząca wykazuje wzrost o 223% w ciągu dziesięciu dni, do 3,8 USD odnotowanych 28 października.

Mediana opłaty transakcyjnej, USD, 7-dniowa prosta średnia krocząca

„Opłaty powinny spaść, gdy trudność dostosuje się na początku przyszłego tygodnia, ponieważ bloki będą kopane częściej” – powiedział programista Bitcoin Matt Odell, chociaż „nie wiemy, ile spadną opłaty, czy transakcje zostaną w pełni rozliczone i jak długo to potrwa Jeśli to zrobią.“ Na basenie górniczym spodziewany jest trudność spadnie prawie o 10% więcej niż cztery dni, a czas BTC blok przekroczyła 14 minut, podczas gdy cel dla średniego czasu bloku wynosi 10 minut.

Ludzie komentowali w serwisach społecznościowych, że ich transakcje nie zostały potwierdzone od godzin lub dni. Inni zwracali jednak uwagę, że transakcje z wyższymi opłatami zostaną potwierdzone wcześniej, ponieważ są one bardziej opłacalne dla górników.

Jameson Lopp, dyrektor ds. Technologii w firmie Casa specjalizującej się w bezpieczeństwie kryptograficznym , skomentował, że niedawny spadek hashrate lub mocy obliczeniowej sieci Bitcoin doprowadził do tego, że niektóre węzły Bitcoin osiągnęły pełną pojemność, więc użytkownicy, którzy transmitowali najniższe opłaty, mogą nie widzę ich przekazywanych.

Hashrate spadł o prawie 38% z najwyższego poziomu 157,65 EH / s, który osiągnął 17 października, do 97,95 EH / s dziesięć dni później. Wzrósł jednak o 7% w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin. Lopp wcześniej zauważył, że spadek jest prawdopodobnie wynikiem przenoszenia sprzętu przez chińskich górników na porę suchą.

Tyler Winklevoss, co-fondatore di Gemini, afferma: „Bitcoin (BTC) è meglio essere oro che oro stesso“

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Il ritorno sull’investimento approssimativo di Bitcoin (BTC) se acquistato al momento del lancio (o al primo prezzo noto) è stato di circa il 7.615,27% lunedì.

Il controverso dibattito di cui è una migliore riserva di valore tra oro e Bitcoin (BTC) ha forse accresciuto la frattura tra investitori generazionali più anziani e investitori più giovani

È evidente come si vede da un commento del co-fondatore e CEO diGemelli scambio di criptovalute Tyler Winklevoss who reclami che Bitcoin Code è più oro che oro.

Poiché è un investitore generazionale più giovane e uno che ha fatto fortuna Bitcoin, la sua prospettiva può essere compresa. D’altra parte, un investitore generazionale più anziano comePeter Schiff, CEO, ha apertamente affermato che il bitcoin non può mai essere paragonato all’oro, soprattutto in termini di valore.

Secondo l’analogia di Schiff, Bitcoin è così volatile nel prezzo di mercato e non è tangibile. Schiff sostiene che gli investitori acquistino oro poiché è un investimento sicuro per preservare il valore, come insegna la storia. Un altro investitore rinomato, esperto e di successoWarren Buffett è stato precedentemente citato dicendo che Bitcoin non ha alcun valore intrinseco.

Chi ha ragione e chi ha torto, tutto dipende dalle tue esigenze.

Bitcoin (BTC) come migliore deposito di valore rispetto all’oro

Mentre attraversiamo la fase del „ grande filtro “, trarremo grandi lezioni dalla pandemia di coronavirus. Tra questi c’è l’argomento che coinvolge Bitcoin come riserva di valore, un rifugio sicuro.

Durante il periodo precedente al coronavirus, il valore di Bitcoin era derivato principalmente da „speculazioni folli“. Ciò è particolarmente evidente con il rally delle criptovalute 2017/2018 che ha visto il suo prezzo di mercato salire alle stelle entro un anno.

Tuttavia, poiché il mondo si è reso conto che il coronavirus è forse qui per restare e abbiamo avuto modo di imparare e adattarci per restare con esso, lo stile di vita a livello globale è cambiato molto. La transazione è passata dalla dipendenza dalla valuta fiat alla dipendenza elettronica, nella maggior parte dei luoghi. Gli investitori istituzionali ora hanno più fiducia nel mettere i loro soldi con Bitcoin che con l’oro. Soprattutto durante il periodo della pandemia, è stato notato un picco negli investitori istituzionali di Bitcoin.

Inoltre, il valore futuro di Bitcoin può ora essere previsto attraverso il mercato dei futures che ha guadagnato trazione con la maggior parte degli investitori istituzionali guidati dalla scala di grigi.

Bitcoin veniva scambiato a circa $ 10,438 al momento della scrittura. L’asset aveva una capitalizzazione di mercato di circa $ 193 miliardi, il suo volume nelle ultime 24 ore era di circa $ 31 miliardi e la sua offerta in circolazione era di 18.496.418 Bitcoin.

Il ritorno sull’investimento approssimativo di Bitcoin se acquistato al momento del lancio (o il primo prezzo noto) è stato di circa il 7.615,27% fino a lunedì.

In particolare, il suo minimo storico, $ 65, è stato registrato a metà luglio 2013. Il massimo storico di Bitcoin, $ 20.089,00, è stato registrato a dicembre 2017.

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