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IOTA promotes a new decentralized social media project

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Personal data leaks on social media platforms are nothing new. Global giants like Facebook are known for their privacy issues. While Internet users continue to rely on classic social media such as Facebook and YouTube, industry players continue to build privacy-focused alternatives based on chain blocks such as IOTA.

Society2 is a new decentralized social media project, or DeSM, that aims to enable users to regain control of their data and allow IOTA node owners to run their own social media sites or applications.

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Officially announcing the initiative on 5 May, Society2 Bitcoin Storm Scam, Bitcoin System Scam, Crypto Investor Scam, Corona Millionaire Scam, Crypto Genius Scam stressed that so far there has been no widespread adoption of decentralized media. Therefore, the Society2 team has begun work on an IOTA-based DeSM framework to enable a new standard in privacy, control, and interoperability of data sharing among social media platforms.

Ben Royce, head of development at Society2, told Cointelegraph:

„Society2’s framework is very different from existing social networks. An IOTA node owner can run a social media site or application as easily as downloading an open source template from a menu, customizing it or not.

Society2 users will be able to exchange their privacy in exchange for IOTA

Society2 promises to enable privacy and control of social media that has so far been unavailable to social media users. As part of the effort, Society2 plans to allow social media users to explicitly choose the level of privacy they want, using free micropayments in the IOTA crypto currency (MIOTA) as a reward.

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Royce elaborated that Society2 will be based exclusively on the IOTA framework. For example, using IOTA’s micro-payments, the platform will reward users for viewing ads in Society2. „If you want to receive ads and give away some of your information, you will share the revenue streams with the IOTA node owner who manages a particular site or application,“ Royce explained.

He said:

„IOTA is the only currency that will be natively supported in the SOCIETY2 framework. IOTA is the core technology of the SOCIETY2 framework because it is the one that best fits our use cases. In addition to its scalability and its ability to transfer messages securely, IOTA enables P2P micropayments without commissions“.